Get Excited with KELPIE the cryptocurrency of the people

With a mix of community, games, memes, products, along with future additons creates an enviroment for opportunity.$KELPIE has the same traits as its canine friend, Kelpie wants to be known by its energy and intelligence and be front and center of the cryptocurrencies.

Set Uniswap slippage to atleast 2.5%

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All holders of Kelpie are rewarded, thanks to a 2% fee on all transactions that is turned over to the holders proportionality based on holdings.


Access to a catalog of memes, games, and products. Community created and shared for public use sparking interest in the token.


Marketing is key, Kelpie advertising wallet is in plain view. ETH donations are used for funding marketing campaigns and contests.

Kelpie Coin Details

KELPIE has a max supply of 10 quadrillion. With 50% burned at launch current token circulation is about 438 trillion.


2% tax on all transactions increases holders wallets automatically.


Currently there is token holders.

Liquidity Lock

Locked liquidity token UNIV2-KELPIE for years. Locked Status

How to grab Some Kelpie

Using your favorite wallet. Most common wallets are MetaMask which is most widely used. Coinbase Wallet is another common wallet with many features.

  • Trading Power
    To purchase Kelpie you will need Etherium in your wallet to trade with. If you do not have this already you may purchase or transfer from another wallet.
  • UniSwap
    Visit UniSwap from within your wallet. Each wallet has different ways to browse to UniSwap. Otherwise visit directly to and connect your wallet. You may need to import KELPIE token address into UniSwap to make the trade.
  • Swap ETH for KELPIE
    Final step enter the amount of $ETH you would like to swap for $KELPIE. Make sure to set your slippage rate to atleast 2.5%, this can be found in the transaction settings.
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Spread the word with graphics, games, and products through our catalog of community submitted items.

We make it easy to share our catalog item. Share the love through your connections.

  • Images & Memes
  • Games & Puzzels
  • Products
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Marketing Balance

Live ETH balance in the Kelpie Marketing wallet.


Current Balance:

  • Wallet Address:
  • 0x42Dd99CA21156D006978B052d79e4f40236f2964
  • **intended purpose is for funding awareness of the token, transferer removes all rights associated with currency and is solely a donation intended for such.

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Aiming to be a well know currency, influencing the world of cryptocurrency to be different