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What is KELPIE

Community Powered
KELPIE is a community-focused decentralized transaction network. The real owners of $KELPIE are its investors and everyone who trust and believe in the project.

DeFi Innovation & Growth
$KELPIE generate revenues through KELPIE Send, KELPIE Swap.

Instant Rewards
All the holders are constantly earning thanks to the 2% reward of every single buy or sell transactions. Those who believe in $KELPIE are actually rewarded for their trust; when investors hold $KELPIE, their wallet balance keeps on increasing automatically, following a distrubution scheme calculated on the size of the transaction that automatically distributes the tokens in a fair way to all the holders.

Secure & Safe
The supply consists of 1 Quadrillions of $KELPIE and 50% of liquidity is sent to burn address: by burning it all there is zero risk of “rug pull”, the remaining 50% is send to Uniswap, and the Liquidity Token (UNIV2-KELPIE) is send to Unicrypt for 3 years lock. This makes sure that no one can pull out the liquidity. This clearly makes safe to invest in $KELPIE.

Fair Play

Upcoming Events

BTOK Banner
"First Placement" banner display ad on Btok, period of placement from 10th July 2021 20:00HR to 17th July 2021 20:00HR GMT+8, huge outreach to Chinese Crypto Community. Cost 0.6 BTC.

Airdrop System
Custom Built AirDrop System that airdrop to top active traders over 20 tokens under our watchlist to build awareness of $KELPIE and to ensure consistent new growth. Airdrop target is based on trading volume and some algorithm calculation. Not dusting attack, its is a pure, simple "transfer" function with NULL data on logs.

Kelpie Send & Kelpie Dex Aggregator are being code by our team & coding support from Gitcoin Team.

Yahoo Finance, HackerNoon news publication - pending completion.

Kelpie 3D Animated Video Production in progress.

On-going Twitter Giveaway with Influencers and Tweets to Crypto Influencers.

We only apply to top tier exchange such as MXC, GateIO, Kucoin, or equivalent. Currently our token value and volume focus on Uniswap.

English, Chinese, Arab, India, Japan community. More community to be form.

What is $KELPIE SEND [Dapp #1] Coming soon

Send $KLEPIE to anyone simply by phone number or link.

How it works
You deposit tokens and share the link, then the receiver will get the simple instructions how to easily create wallet and claim tokens.

Step 1
Deposit your tokens to an address created at Ethereum Main-Net through Infura Network.
Step 2
Then share the link with the receiver.
Step 3
Receiver claims tokens using simple instructions.

Our mission is to bring new people to crypto.

What is $KELPIE Swap [Dapp #2] Coming soon

Swap Token with Token at a lower cost.

What is it about?
The KELPIE team will create $KELGAS as a GasToken, staking $KELPIE will mint $KELGAS. $KELGAS as a next-generation Gastoken that allows users to significantly save on gas.
A Gastoken facilitates transactions with the same amount of work but less gas. A Gastoken takes advantage of the Ethereum storage refund, see Ethereum Yellow Paper. To encourage smart contracts to erase unnecessary storage, Ethereum provides a refund for each zeroed element. So, in the process of burning, a Gastoken’s smart contract erases storage that were filled during minting. The most efficient storage gas refunds are achieved by creating and destroying sub smart contract, not by direct writes and erases of the storage.

To Challenge: Dex Aggregator with 0x, 1inch, Uniswap, Sushi, Aave, Pancake Swap(BSC), matching price of the best offer, and to bridge binance and ethereum tokens. Connect to different liquidity source providers for fallback liquidity.

Key Technology



Renounced Contract & Locked 3 Years

1.00 Quadrillion

total supply



0.51 Quadrillion

total burnt

3 Years

LP Token Lock

our way


Phase 1 - Growth
1,000 Holders
✓ Website Launch
✓ White Paper
✓ CoinGecko Listing
✓ CoinMarketcap Listing
✓ 1000 Telegram Members
• 2.000 Telegram Members
• Community Marketing Fund
• Marketing Campaign
• 5.000 Holders
Phase 2 - Expansion
• 5.000 Telegram Members
• Website Redesign
• 10.000 Holders
• 10.000 Telegram Members
• 20.000 Holders
• GateIO Listing
• BitMart Listing
• Kucoin Listing
• Kelpie Swap
• Kelpie List

Read the Whitepaper

The whitepaper are here for you to fully understand this coin and its purpose. Team invites all the investors to read it carefully and make a a thoughtful decision.
Keep in mind that we are still working on it, so everytime we add new steps our whitepaper will be updated!

How to Buy $KELPIE

Create a MetaMask Wallet

$KELPIE token is available on the Ethereum blockchain. MetaMask is the market leader in ERC20 (Ethereum) wallets. On Google Chrome, visit to download the extension and set up a wallet. On mobile? Get MetaMask's app for IPhone or Android.

Send $ETH to MetaMask

Buy Ethereum through MetaMask or transfer it to your MetaMask wallet address from another wallet (e.g. Coinbase or Binance).

Visit Uniswap

You can currently buy $KELPIE on UniSwap, UniSwap official decentralized exchange where you can swap any ERC20 token.

Swap $ETH for $Kelpie

Enter the amount of $ETH you would like to swap for $KELPIE. Click Connect Wallet then Swap

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